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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Visiting Cape Point

Contrary to popular belief, Cape Point is NOT the southernmost point in Africa and it is NOT where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. It is, however, the most southwestern point in Africa and the location of the true Cape of Good Hope. We stopped at Hout Bay - a small fishing village - on the way.

We continued on and made it to the tip of the peninsula. While standing on the Cape of Good Hope I couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous this was. Thinking back to elementary, middle, and then high school geography - every time I labeled the Cape of Good Hope on a map or did a matching exercise where this was the answer to a question, I never even fathomed that I would one day go there. And here I was. Outrageous. My life's been that way a lot, I think. I should just stop imagining what my future is going to be like because it never really turns out that way after all!

We made a few more stops on the way back after grabbing a bite to eat (swordfish is good!) including a visit to a beach overrun by miniature penguins. It was strange, but cool, to see penguins living on one of the warmest, most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. Hot sun beating down, naked kids splashing in the cool, clear water, and penguins chillin' on the rocks.

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