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Monday, January 17, 2005

Settling in in Glasgow

Greetings from slightly gloomy Glasgow. All the pictures above were taken on the same day. The city got two hours of sunshine on Sunday and the locals were awed at the site of blue skies in the winter. It snowed heavily today, but only briefly and during the 35 minutes I was walking home. The strangest part of the weather is something all Dallasites (is that a word?) and even Americans and lower latitude Canadians take for granted: daylight. It only gets light at about 8-8:30 and it starts to get really dark at 4:30. At noon the sun is already half set in the sky and with the high latitude it is weak all day long. The flip side is that I bet the summer daylight is really nice and long here (I went to Edmonton once during the peak of summer. When we landed at 11:00 at night it was still bright outside).

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