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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sachin Tours Europe with Waldo

Check out Sachin's Blog here: http://wanderingwithwaldo.tumblr.com/

I am a 19 (soon to be 20!) year old college student studying abroad this summer primarily in Italy and England. In Italy, I will be living in a castle in Dorf Tirol, a small village north of Merano, which is just north of Bolzano, which is east of Milan. I will be studying Venice with a focus on its Literature. Then I will go to Oxford to study Economic Game Theory as it applies to healthcare in a one-on-one tutorial. Throughout, I will be making trips to various notable cities including Rome, Venice, and Paris.

Everywhere I go, I will be bringing a Waldo plush toy and using him as my means of cataloguing my trip. I plan to take at least one picture with Waldo every day of my trip. I will try to update the blog daily, but may not have continuous internet access, so I may have to post some weekends together. Hopefully I don't lose Waldo along the way!

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