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The McDermott Scholars Award covers all expenses of a superb four-year academic education at The University of Texas at Dallas, in concert with a diverse array of intensive extracurricular experiences, including internships, travel, and cultural enrichment.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Schloss Brunnenburg Castle, Italy

Dr. Tim Redman's UT Dallas study of Venetian culture, literature, architecture & art history (LIT 3381: Venetian Literature)
Ten McDermott Scholars are studying with Dr. Redman.

We all arrived safely to the castle on Sunday, June 5, 2011. Schloss Brunnenburg, the castle that belonged to the late Ezra Pound, has a beauty that cannot be described by words. Mountains surround the castle on all sides, and it overlooks the city of Merano.
We have called Dorf Tirol our home for over a week now, so we have officially settled into life in the castle. Each week day morning we have class with Dr. Redman from 10:00am to 12:00pm. So far we have analyzed a lot of Venice’s art and architecture, with a focus on its cultural significance. After class, we enjoy a meal together cooked by Brigitte, Ezra Pound’s granddaughter, who takes cooking to a new level. Every meal presents us with a new array of delicious dishes to try. In the afternoons, we travel up to the town, work on our reading, and hang out together. At 4:00pm, we take turns having tea with Mary, the daughter of Ezra Pound. For dinner, we usually cook together or go out to eat as a group.
Last weekend, Jon and Sachin went to Florence, Anna traveled to Switzerland, and the rest of us explored the castle and the neighboring cities of Merano and Bolzano. This coming week, Jon, Matthew, Lauren, Sachin, Josh, Ben, and I will be exploring Rome, and Anna is traveling to Vienna. The weekend after that, we are all traveling to Venice together.
That’s all from Italy! We are having a blast!

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