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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Checking in from Frankfurt

Two pictures for the record, and one not worth the send -- a great piece of translation fun at the Frankfurt airport: The construction sign reads "Great Prospects! We will modernize this level for you until 2007." I just hope they finish in time, because they obviously aren't going to work in 2008 ...

As for the pictures, the first is me in front of the Frankfurt skyline. The prize, however, is the world renowned Comet Cleaners. Yeah, I'll whoosh for that. Seriously. The Comet Cleaners here in Frankfurt. I was really pleased.

Now that the weather has reached a perfect 77 degrees, things are going very well. Class continues onward, and we are amidst the major portion of our class, the World Cup (merely joking!). A good group of other students from multiple countries and continents, and two fun teachers. They weren't kidding with Super Intensive, but hey, neither was I. Anyway, wherever in the world you may be, all the best for your work and studies and travels.

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