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Friday, March 05, 2010

Control of the Wall!

At last, we had control of the wall and its powerful artillery systems, such as the plugged and unloaded cannon along the wall near the gate.

The (unloaded) cannon actually pointed in the general direction of the Buquebus ferry, so the ferry’s destruction would have prevented us from getting home in time for dinner, which would have been most inconvenient.

Nevertheless, we had an excellent view of the historic city center and planned our next objectives.

From the view which we had from the top of the city wall, we observed that most the buildings were built in a very picturesque and rustic colonial style. Trees were plentiful and the cobblestone streets were calm. But, the lighthouse was immediately distinctive and became our next objective.

After wandering the lovely streets of our new city and paying the heavy price of a dozen or pesos to conquer the lighthouse, we ascended our cold, windy, and now rainy, tower of power.

After descending the lighthouse, we wandered over the rocky beaches of the city. It was there that the wind was most powerful and the light rain was augmented by the flying mist from the crashing waves. It was there that we most enjoyed ourselves, playing around on the rocks, or just sitting in tranquility and reflecting peacefully. It was here that the monochromatic beauty of the city and weather was most visible. The city behind us was slightly faded and the fog dampened its relative abundance of colors. It was here on the rocks that we spent a significant portion of our time in the morning and later in the evening, playing among the rocks and waves as the grey sky and ocean melded into infinity behind us.

Brian stepping between the rocks in the many tidal pools like a god crossing continents.

Thomas relaxing on the rocks with a primal scream.
The island in the background remained unconquered.

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