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Friday, March 05, 2010

Martin, Thomas, and Brian bravely scale the ruined and gently inclined walls of Colonia

We were not able to scale the walls, but it was still morning and we were still envigored with our noble goal of conquering a peaceful historic town center in the most inefficient manner possible.

Still outside of the city, we noticed that the wall of the city was not entirely flat into the moat, but had a ledge that surrounded the wall along the moat. Stealthily journeying across the perilously dry and moss-covered moat, we walked along the edge of the city wall to a portion of the ledge that faced the ocean. Conveniently, this portion of the wall had been destroyed and was replaced two park benches (clearly meant for city guards but instead occupied by resting tourists) that faced the grey ocean. With the wall damaged, the city was open for us to enter as conquering tourists. Nevertheless, we decided to climb the wall anyways to gain critical information about our surroundings that multiple brochures, maps, and large information boards were unable to provide.

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