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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Dionna's favorite museum...so far...

With exterior of a castle that hasn’t been kept in the best condition, at first glance the Family of Man Museum seems like an attempt to attract tourists to the small quiet town of Clervaux. Entering the corridor that functions as a lobby as well as the museum store does not eliminate the doubts the viewer has about this museum. Then, once inside the exhibition it begins to make sense why over nine million people have viewed this exhibition and why thirty-eight countries have showcased this collection of art. The exhibition not only shows “the universality of the human experience” as the curator, Edward Steichen, had intended, but it takes the viewer into the lives of each and every person in the photographs. At least, that was the experience I had. If anyone travels to Europe, I feel like this exhibition is a must see. It really just shows life as it applies to every being on this earth. I can’t even truly explain in words the way this exhibition made me feel. Family of Man is my favorite museum in my trip so far.

>>Can you spot 2 of her travel mates and fellow McDermotts in the picture?

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