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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Erich gains insights into self discovery!

So far so good. That was the prevailing mentality that I had during my three week long travels in Europe as it was usually one of the first thoughts to enter my head. It was not that I was convinced that something terrible was going to befall me, but I was definitely concerned with the possibility. Fortunately nothing bad would occur and the entire trip was the experience of a lifetime. During my eight country journey I have been fortunate enough to walk where giants have, witnessed the view from what used to be the top of the world, and even seen the most famous woman that has ever graced this planet. Also I have witnessed the less appealing aspects of history that include the remains of our own destructive bombs, an entire camp entirely devoted to torture and death, and a wall that once divided not only a nation, but a world.

However, even with the enormous amount of new experiences I was having, I still was learning as much about myself as the outside world. Just like learning new things about other people, it is exciting learning aspects about yourself that you did not know, but at the same time it is disturbing to realize how little you know about someone you have spent every second of your entire life with. It may be funny to learn something about myself such as the fact that I have trouble sleeping with other people snoring even though I snore extremely loud myself. Other things, such as my discomfort with spending time with only myself for company, are a little more revealing about the shallow depth in which I have explored my own person. So while my physical journey has now ended as I have arrived in Salamanca, I will continue to explore the beautiful and foreign culture all around me, as well as the one within me. I may not be far, but so far so good.

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